NOVEMBER  2022    JANUARY  2023

Hi, everyone, Most classes are now held in the studio; 

your Vaccination card is required.   

ZOOM  classes continue on Wednesday evenings at 6 till 8 pm.

This is more easily read on your laptop or desktop...

one of these days I'll revise it for phones!

Please note:

A NEW DAYTIME Beginner Class in the Studio starts THURSDAYS on January 12 at 1 pm.

*  If you find a typo, kindly let me know. *

Class DESCRIPTIONS are below. Any questions, just shout!  iaconetti@gmail.com

1A. Absolute BEGINNER Basics on ZOOM 5 weeks, $180

Wednesdays, Dec. 14, 21, Dec 28, Jan 4, 11 - from 6 to 8 pm

1B. Absolute BEGINNER Basics in the STUDIO – 5 weeks, $265

Saturdays, December 3, 10, 17, NO CLASS Dec. 24 and 31, Jan 7, 14 - from 12 Noon to 2:30 pm

NEW: DAYTIME BEGINNER Basics in the STUDIO, 5 weeks, $265,

on Thursdays, Jan 12, 19, 26, Feb. 2, 9, from 1 pm tll 3:30



 Workshops run from 11 am until 4 or 4:30 pm with 45 min for lunch. 

Fee: $140 each.


Saturday, Nov. 19, from 11 am to 4 or 4:30 pm with 45 min for lunch.

An identical workshop is offered on Sunday, January 15, same times.


For all levels. Sunday, December 4, 11 am to 4 or 4:30 pm with 45 min for lunch.


3. FLOWERS and BOUQUETS – on ZOOM, 3 weeks, $115

Wednesdays, Nov. 16, NO CLASS NOV. 23, Nov. 30, Dec. 7 - from 6 to 8 pm

4. BIGGER, SIMPLER LANDSCAPE – in the STUDIO, 3 weeks, $140

Tuesdays, Nov. 22, 29, Dec. 6  - from 6 to 8:30 pm

5. STILL LIFE: Edibles and More - in the STUDIO, 3 weeks, $150

Tuesdays, Dec. 27, Jan. 3, Jan. 10  - from 6 to 8:30 pm

6. PORTRAITS  – in the STUDIO, 3 weeks, $150

Tuesdays, Jan. 17, 24, 31 - from 6 to 8:30 pm


1A and B.  ABSOLUTE BEGINNER Basics Classes and Workshop

5-week class with three sections:  ZOOM on Wednesdays 6-8 pm, 

and in person in the STUDIO on Saturdays 12-2:30 pm, 

and on Thursdays from 1-3:30 pm

This Absolute Beginner class covers all the basic techniques with 

simple exercises. You’ll learn water control, paint consistencies, 

color mixing, creating highlights and shadows, and differences in 

working on wet and dry paper...while creating simple fruits, 

flowers, and foliage. Lots of individual help and demos.

You'll receive an email recap of each session, with video and

tutorial suggestions for homework (which is encouraged, but 

NEVER mandatory).

We'll work from some of these ideas on my Pinterest board:   


Fee: ZOOM 5-week class is $180 via either Zelle or Venmo. 

My username is  joanwc   and cell is 917-804-1635.  

To use a credit card, I can send you a PayPal invoice.

(Apologies: PP now adds a $10 surcharge for invoices.)

Dates are above: ZOOM: Five Wednesdays, 6 to 8 pm. 

Zoom invitation is sent 30 min. before class.  

Fee: STUDIO 5-week Class is $265, via either cash (preferred),

Zelle or Venmo. My username is  joanwc   and cell is 917-804-1635.  

To use a credit card, I can send you a PayPal invoice. 

(Apologies: PP now adds a $10 surcharge for invoices.)

Complete MATERIALS KIT, with free paint if you run out

of it during class, is $65.

Dates are above: STUDIO: Five Saturdays, 12-2:30 pm



in the STUDIO, $140

Introduce yourself to watercolor in one day, with lots of 

demos and individual attention. We’ll paint simple flowers,

fruits, and foliage.  

Examples: https://www.pinterest.com/jiaconetti/zoom-wk1-beginner-basics/

Fee: $140 via cash, Zelle, Venmo. To use a credit card, 

I can send you a PayPal invoice. 

(Apologies: PP now adds a $10 surcharge for invoices.)


Saturday, Nov. 19, from 11 am to 4 or 4:30 pm with 45 min for lunch.

Sunday, January 15, same times.


For all levels, even those who have never painted before.

Paint several individual cards, or work on one card that 

you can duplicate with VistaPrint or Moo. Lots of ideas, 

inspiration, and individual help. 

Examples here: https://www.pinterest.com/jiaconetti/wcholidaywinter/   

and of course feel free to bring your own ideas.

Date: Sunday, December 4, 11 am to 4 or 4:30 pm with 45 min for lunch


FLOWERS and BOUQUETS – on ZOOM, 3 weeks, $115

For all levels. Colorful experiments with bouquets, in 

several techniques, focusing on choosing pleasing colors

and composition. You’ll also learn ways to paint

transparent glass. I will send images you can print out

and trace, or you can work from your own images.

Examples from my Pinterest board; let me know your favorites.


Fee:  $120 for 3 ZOOM sessions, via either cash, Zelle or Venmo.

Wednesdays, Nov. 16, NO CLASS Nov. 23, Nov. 30, Dec. 7 - from 6 to 8 pm


AKA Big Crazy Landscape, back by popular demand: 

Learn to get looser with larger brushes, larger paper, and 

lots of water. All it takes is a little courage and washable

clothing. This is for Intermediate Level -- those who have 

taken the Beginner Class at least once, or those with 

previous watercolor experience.

Examples: https://www.pinterest.com/jiaconetti/wc-zoom-landscape/abstract-landscape/ 

Tuesdays, Nov. 22, 29, Dec. 6  - from 6 to 8 pm


STILL LIFE: Edibles and More- in the STUDIO, 3 weeks, $150

If you just want to paint something simple and colorful,

try these fruits, veggies, even desserts…on plates or in pots.

Examples:  https://www.pinterest.com/jiaconetti/wcedibles/

 Tuesdays, Dec. 27, Jan. 3, Jan. 10  - from 6 to 8:30 pm


PORTRAITS  – in the STUDIO, 3 weeks, $150

For those who have completed the Beginner course. 

Painting a portrait is not as difficult as you might think. 

We’ll learn the principles of facial structure, paint a

‘random’ face, then learn to trace a photo carefully to

capture the likeness of a real person.

Lots of examples:   https://www.pinterest.com/jiaconetti/1-wc-zoom-portraits/

Tuesdays, Jan. 17, 24, 31  - from 6 to 8:30 pm


Questions? Want to sign up? Just email me at  iaco...@gmail.com

Missed Classes: You can always make up a missed class

in the same class any time in the future, space permitting;

and of course in any future Zoom class. 

Supplies: A complete MATERIALS KIT, with all you need

(4 brushes, folding plastic palette with 9 tube colors,

pad of 100% cotton Arches paper) is $65.

Free extra paint if you run out of it during the class.

Covid Notes: You need to show your COVID vaccination card 

to take in-person studio classes. Masks may or may not be 

mandatory, depending.

Because travel plans can be Covid-discombobulated, 

the dates MAY be subject to change…but probably not.

Where are the images?  

 Just click on the Pinterest links for examples of what we’ll paint.

A Word about Fees:    

STUDIO in-person classes:

5-Week STUDIO Absolute Beginner in Person Class is $265, 2.5 hours long

3-week STUDIO in Person classes are $150, 2.5 hours long

3-week DRAWING in Person class is $175, 2 hours long

1-Day STUDIO Workshops are $140, approx 5 hours with 45 min lunch.

Complete MATERIALS KIT, paper, paints, palette, brushes, $65

      You can pay via either cash (preferred), Zelle or Venmo.

ZOOM online classes:

5-Week Zoom Absolute Beginner Class is $185, 2 hours long

3-week Zoom classes are $125, 2 hours long

My username is   joanwc   My cell is 917-804-1635.  

To use a credit card, I can send you a PayPal invoice. 

(Apologies: PP adds a $10 surcharge for invoices.)

Any questions? Want to sign up?  Just Email me: iaconetti-at-gmail-dot-com

MATERIALS LIST is below, along with other basic information.

joan iaconetti  

Studio and Zoom Classes : :  www.watercolor.joanweb.com
Gallery : :  www.joaniaconetti.com
Cell : :  917-804-1635

Studio : : 24-32 Union Square East, Studio 509; on Park Ave. South between 15-16 St.,
 two doors north of the Raymour-Flanigan furniture store.   
Trains: 4 5 6 N R W Q L  to Union Sq/14 St

can be arranged either in person in the studio, or online via Zoom,
in your choice of topic. Lessons are
available usually mid-day on
 weekdays, but I'm flexible.

The ZOOM fee is $75 for one hour and forty-five minutes per person.

IN PERSON individual instruction for one person is $95
for one hour and 45 minutes.

There is a discount if you come with a friend.
 Again, you must have proof of vaccination.

Any questions, just shout!   The updated Supplies List is below.





Everything you’ll need to paint at home in our Zoom classes.

I know it seems overwhelming at first, but just read

through it...you only need paper, paints, and brushes.


The only thing I insist on is top quality paper:

Arches brand paper (or any 100% COTTON wc paper) 

but otherwise you’re welcome to buy whatever brand paints and brushes you prefer. 


The following list is very good quality student-grade supplies, 

all available online. The big three sites are



www.dickblick.com (with four stores in Manhattan - be sure they're open)





1. PRINCETON Brush Set  

Set of 6 Golden Taklon Brushes (No. 9153) – about $12


This synthetic Golden Taklon short handled brush set includes the following shapes and sizes:  

Round 1, 6 and 12, Liner 2, Angular Shader 1/2" and Wash 3/4".






2. Creative Inspirations DuraHandle Short (yellow) 

Handle Round Brush Sets


Please order the ROUND set of five. This brand also offers a FLAT set of three brushes...

BUT I actually prefer these three Fundamentals blue-handled flats: about $12 total.

Fundamentals Short Handle Flat Brush Set No. 17,  SKU 75137







100% COTTON paper is ESSENTIAL! Please note that many art supply websites 

    are often sold out of the Arches pads. 

HOWEVER, you can buy full 22x30-inch sheets of Arches paper (or any other 100% cotton paper)

    and cut them into sixths or eighths.

See the list of acceptable 100% COTTON brands below.


ARCHES Watercolor Pads –

Cold Press, 140-lb. 9x12” (GREEN cover)

OR  Rough Press, 140-lb. 9x12” (ORANGE cover)


About $15.  If they’re out of COLD press, order ROUGH press (Orange 

cover) instead. Very little difference.


Arches Watercolor Pads are 140 lb. 100% cotton Watercolor Paper 

in a 12 sheet, top-taped pad.  

(“Blocks” are taped on all four sides, and are annoying to use imho.)  

Either COLD PRESS or ROUGH PRESS are just fine.




also at  https://www.jerrysartarama.com/arches-pads-and-field-books


also at https://www.dickblick.com/products/arches-watercolor-pads/


 Other brands are okay ONLY IF THEY ARE 100% COTTON.

100% COTTON is an absolute must

PLEASE be sure to check that before you order.

You may see "140-lb" on the pad, but that refers to the paper
thickness...NOT whether it's COTTON.

If they’re out of pads, buy 2 or 3 full sheets (22x30 inches) of these 

100% COTTON brands below, and cut them into sixths or eighths. 

About $7 or $8 per sheet.  Not all sites carry all brands, but it’s worth 

shopping around at the big three above or on Amazon.  

  1. ARCHES sheets
  2. FABRIANO ARTISTICO sheets (avoid their student pads!)
  3. Cheap Joe’s KILIMANJARO sheets
  4. Saunders-Waterford
  5. Winsor & Newton
  6. Strathmore GEMINI paper (but ONLY Gemini)
  7. Whatman
  8. Lanaquarelle
  9. Hahnemuhle
  10. Jack Richeson
  11. Twinrocker


**ABSOLUTELY DO NOT** buy any of those cheaper “ideal for students” pads!

ie Strathmore, Canson, Fabriano Studio, or the like.


They’re a total waste of money for beginners and horrible for working on wet paper. 

(But if you already have those, don't throw them out. When you get pretty good, 

then you can use them for wet-on-dry paintings. Counter-intuitive, but true.)







If your budget requires a less expensive paint option:

1. YARKA Student Watercolors, 12 Color Pan Set


I do prefer tube paints, but this is an acceptable alternative.


Item ID   JR38011   about $7






2. Student Watercolor Tubes


For those who want to get a little more serious with better quality student paints:


VAN GOGH (my fave – really excellent for the price) or 

GRUMBACHER ACADEMY student-grade tube paints are the best.

Around $3 to $4 per tube; please avoid sets, which never have exactly the right color combinations.


7 Essential Van Gogh brand colors:

Azo Yellow Light  (Lemon Yellow is okay, but quite opaque)

Azo Yellow Deep, aka Gamboge or Indian Yellow

Permanent Red Light, or any Vermilion or Scarlet or orange-red paint

Quinadcridone Rose, aka Permanent Rose

Ultramarine Blue

Prussian Blue

Burnt Siena


3 Optional colors: (recommended, but not essential)

Sap Green

Raw Siena

Burnt Umber






Also available on www.dickblick.com


For tube paints, you’ll need a palette...see below.




3. Artist-grade Watercolor tubes


If you care to spend more, virtually any brand of artist-grade paint is a good choice.




Check; not all sites carry all brands.         

jerrysartarama.com    dickblick.com    cheapjoes.com 


Absolute Minimum Palette: 

Lemon Yellow, Permanent or Quinacridone Rose, Prussian Blue


Recommended colors:

Lemon Yellow

Scarlet or Vermilion

Burnt Siena

Permanent or Quin. Rose

Ultramarine Blue

Prussian Blue

Sap Green or any green you like


optional Earth colors: Raw Siena and Burnt Umber




My favorite PALETTE:  


Small or larger, either is fine. Really any palette you like is fine; palette choice is very personal.



Cheap Joe's Folding Palette, Large

10" x 5-1/2"







  about $10   (there's a similar, smaller palette, but the larger is much better)




Same palettes from Dick Blick:  https://www.dickblick.com/products/large-plastic-folding-palette/


NOTE: It's best to FILL UP the wells in your palette TO THE TOP with paint, leave it open, 

and let the paint dry for about 24 hours. Keep open palettes out of reach of children and pets.




On other websites:




Available at most drugstores. Alas, impossible to order just one or two on Amazon, but you 

can do it on Jerrys or Cheapjoe’s sites. Or just wash out a small hairspray bottle or the like.







8-oz. with trigger:










These are very big, floppy brushes used for wetting the paper more easily. Three options:

1. find an old blusher brush, wash it thoroughly, and it works just fine.

2. buy an E.L.F. brand big blusher brush, white handle, about $3 in most drugstore cosmetic depts.

3. buy a “real” mop or hake (rhymes with hockey) brush in an art store or site.  

    (Beware: they’re way more expensive)


mop brush:  https://www.cheapjoes.com/catalog/product/view/id/36911/s/princeton-series-4850-aqua-elite-synthetic-kolinsky-mop-size-3-4/


hake brushes:  https://www.cheapjoes.com/catalog/product/view/id/27104/s/the-ron-ranson-hake-brush/






If you plan to keep painting, it’s nice to have one or more SCRUBBER brushes to correct mistakes 

or delete errant bits of paint. One Medium-size one is plenty, but check out the set of 3 

at the bottom of this page:







Quieter and quicker than a hairdryer, but a hairdryer works just fine. 

Caution: Heat guns get REALLY hot, and NEVER use an extension cord with these. But very useful!




If that link doesn't work, just search for "buy Ranger Heat Craft Tool" and be sure to get the one 

for the USA, not the UK. They used to be about $25, but as of 11/20 they are about $43.





SO handy to trace images you have printed out. You can just use your window during the day,
but this is handy after the sun sets.  About $20 or $25.  

Note: It requires being plugged into a standard USB port.

If this link no longer works, search for the

AGPtek A4 Ultra-thin Portable LED Artcraft Tracing Light Pad

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email me at   watercolorclass@gmail     


Watercolor for Absolute Beginners

5-Week Beginner Classes and 1-Day Beginner WOrkshops
3-Week Basic Drawing Classes  

3-Week Watercolor Mini-Classes on one topic